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About David's Guesthouse (and us)

Founded in May 2018 here in the aspiring Zurich District 4.
The idea to open a hotel or a hotel-like business came  David in 2010, as he and his friends booked the worst hotel for a too high price in Italy. As is often is many times the group start in the evening a discussion about the desolate state of the hostel and of course, everyone at the table could have it done better. And never would such shortcomings occur as in this flophouse. Everyone at the table had their own opinions and ideas - but only one has finally dared. After a seemingly good offer 2012 in Spain was canceled by David before signing the contract, the idea was initially on hold because his job demanded him more and more. He has given up his job and after a brief consideration of relocating once more his since 2004 self-chosen hub of life, he decided for himself not to leave the city of Zurich, to rewrite the "old" plans and to find a meaningful business model that gives him the freedom to implement his ideas and thus to offer the guests a good service and a high-quality standard for a fair price.

One open question remains until the end: Who is David?

David's Guesthouse is a non-smoking guesthouse.

Who is David?

We are in the 21st century. The whole world is talking about digitization and artificial intelligence. Many times we hear words like "virtual world". Our world at David's Guesthouse is not really virtual and we are not in the middle of nowhere, we are mid of Zurich. Nevertheless, we also have something "virtual", we have David.

David is in real life called Ralf and is firmly grounded.His friends call him for several years like this, probably because the pronunciation of Ralf for some was a little difficult - or why ever. From him comes the great idea for this guesthouse. With heart and soul, he starts every day to start and implement new projects in the guesthouse or to take care of the wishes of our guests. And by the way, additional he's just setting up an online shop.

Currently, he is planning the redesign of the studios in Hildastrasse 1, apparently untiringly. We are wondering where this power comes from, with which he goes to his daily work. David says that comes from the joy of creating something new and meaningful together with us...

Zürcher Service & Trading GmbH

The ZST is a fairly young company. It was only founded in early 2018 and originally had a pure online trade as a business goal. The dream of running a hotel or even a guesthouse was taken into the description of the company and then came true sooner than actually planned. In addition to David's Guesthouse and the development of online trading, ZST now also works in property management and more.

But our main focus will always be the guests and the guesthouse.

We warmly welcome you.