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George Focaru
16.04.2019 12:24:48
I stayed at Davids Guesthouse for 7 months , I felt comfortable like home.

About cleaning i can say was exceptional , well ventilated, coffee machine well maintained washing with special liquid from Nespresso , new sponge ,detergent dishes, floor , glass and disinfectant spray for any case needs.

About comfort , good bed , dinner place , mini work place and storage for luggage & clothes wardrobe werry clean and ventilated.

About internet , good speed , while i had my laptop to repair . the owner gave me a special laptop for guests who have need for use it and give back before leave.

In some words Davids Guesthouse is the place where i would like to stay anytime when i go in Zurich . I recommend to people who appreciate and preserve things under the conditions which was .
Hi George
You know, you're anytime welcome here :-)